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My name is Gaurie, motherf***er.. the sensitive one.

Okie.. I posted this on my blog, but I have to post it here, because TLI=Love.. actually that made no sense.. but whatever.


Hey all..

Does anyone know about the Dudes? Lonely Island? Chester?

Meet me, A HUGE FAN!!!

And the funny thing is, i went from not knowing them at all, to detesting them, to loving them, to obsessing over them, to kissing the ground they walk on.

I only found out who they were like, a month ago. Less.

See, I'll explain what happened.

I go to this enhanced people camp (PSA!!) and really, we do everything so messed up, no one would ever guess we have working brain cells.

So there was the obvious group of boys who everyone knew and liked.

And these group of boys (now referred to as Devil Squad X. Their Theme song goes: Devil Squad X! We like texmex! We're better than sssalad...) decided to start singing a certain song during mealtimes.

A song known worldwide as the Awesometown Themesong.

God help us.

Every damn mealtime Squad X would sing this song, and y the end of the two weeks, everyone had either memorized the son and sang along, had a chunk of their brain removed, hated th Devil Squad, or all three.

Oh by the way, whoever is familiar with the song, Yorma's part was slightly changed to "My name is Yorma and I was censored by James, But that won't stop us from saying our names."

Anyways, I go home. And I swear to God, anything I said, I could hear *clap clap* as an echo. Then one day I got bored. Like really bored. So I decided to check out what this Awesometown was all about. So I got on YouTube. And watched it. And then i watched the whole show, and snl shorts, and whatever I could my mouse on. I LOVED IT!

So that is my story.

Okay I just have to say this... YORMA SHARES HIS BDAY WITH ME!!! =]

I was listening to the podcast, and he's like march...SEVENTYSEVEN!! (Because no one was saying the date, Chester just yelled it out) and Yorma's like "Dude! Your not supposed to give out the year!" and Chester's like "I didn't! You did!" and then everybody's like "WHAT DAY?"

and Yorma's like "Nineteenth."

and I'm like freaking out.

I have a HUGE crush and the dude, and he's like 30. Haha. =\

Who watched Hot Rod? I want to watch it, but I think it's out of theatres now ='(

Here is the Awesometown Themesong vid.

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